Publish a Book and e-book

1.-Verify and review for 3 reviewers the contain of the book.
2.-Upload your finished or proof of your book to the EDITADA system.
3.-Determine what format you like to publish the book: print-on-demand(hardcover or softcover) and/or ebook. Ebook is essentially an electronic file and requires no paper printing but count with ISBN. Print-on-demand is ideal for very short runs (25 to 500 copies).
4.-Select additional services as editing layout, design of covers, correct grammar errors, verify plagiarism.
5.-You receive an e-mail with the information of the payment
6.-You obtain a book with an ISBN number, the opportunity to have your book onto Amazon´s Kindle E-book reader and others for researchers and students.
7.-The book will be appears as available into EDITADA web page to print-on-demand. Print-on-demand is ideal for very short runs (25 to 500 copies).

Please send a e-mail (accounts at editada . org) with some information to receive a propose of cost.
Deemed suitable, the editorial board may Commission prior assessment of a work to a specialist who enjoys prestige in their area of specialization and has published work. The Editorial Board will appoint anonymous reviewers who will be sent to the text without the data of the author (or authors). The opinions may be of three types:

(a) Pro, with or without tips

(b) conditioned, in which case the author will take care of the modifications and return to the Council document corrected, indicating the nature of the modifications made and argumentation on the conditioning factors which were not considered appropriate.

(c) negative. When there is a positive opinion and another negative, the Editorial Board will request a third opinion. All opinions will be given to inform the author or authors, including the negative, in the case of three opinions. In all situations, once the authors have incorporated the suggestions and/or corrections of the evaluators, in the opinion of the Editorial Board the amended text will be sent to any of the evaluators or it will be reviewed by the members of the   Editorial Board, who will give the go-ahead for publication. In both cases it shall ensure that the Vo.Bo. It is submitted within one period not exceeding 10 working days. Each type of publication will be evaluated in accordance with a specific format, depending on the type of publication in which indicate clearly the aspects to be considered by the evaluators. The reports must conform to the appropriate format.

The opinions shall meet the following requirements: I. Made in writing, in the format preset by the Editorial Board; II. qualify the quality, need, and opportunity of the refereed work; yIII.Ser signed by the officer level that emits it, being their identity confidential strict directly.

The Book editor selects two or three referees who are invited, in confidence, to evaluate the manuscript according to the following aspects:

  • Originality of the work.
  • Relevance to scientific knowledge.
  • Background: Theoretical background adequate. Hypothesis, objectives and clear contribution topics.
  • Methodology: Materials and methods appropriate and adequately described. Sound experimental design.
  • Results: Data concise and sufficient. Statistics analysis when appropriate. Efficiency measurements. Figures clear and correct; only essential data should be included in figures. Elimination of figures, graphs and tables which add little or could be replaced by a few sentences or a statement of numerical values is recommended.
  • Discussion: In-depth discussion, correct interpretation.
  • Formal Aspects: Correct language, references properly cited. High quality figures.
  • Adherence to usual and consistent nomenclature. Title and summary sufficiently informative.