School Bus Routing Problem Library-SBRPLIB

The School Bus Routing Problem Library-SBRPLIB is a depository of test instances of the School Bus Routing Problem. The depository of instances can be downloaded for others researchers for experimentation.

Please cite this depository: Ocotlán Díaz-Parra, Jorge A. Ruiz-Vanoye, José C. Zavala-Díaz. School Bus Routing Problem Library-SBRPLIB. International Journal of Combinatorial Optimization Problems and Informatics, Vol. 2, No. 1 (2011) pp. 23-26.

The School Bus Routing Problem or SBRP is a significant problem in the management of school bus fleet for the transportation of students, each student must be assigned to a particular bus which must be routed in a efficient manner so as to pick up (or return home) each of these students.

Table 1. SBRP instances
 0  x0 Y0  SN0  EPT0  DPT0  MRT0 MWT0
n  xn  Yn  SNn  EPTn  DPTn  MRTn  MWTn

Where NS: Number of School (single or multiple), SS: Surroundings of Service (urban or rural), PS: Problem scope (morning, afternoon, both), ML: Mixed Load (allowed or no allowed), SEE: special-educations students (considered or not considered), F: Fleet mix (homogeneous fleet or heterogeneous fleet), VN: Vehicle Number, VC: Vehicle Capacity, STWb: School Time Windows Begin,  SWTdue: School Time Windows Due, BS: Bus Stop, XCO: X Coord., YCO: Y Coord., SN: Student Number, MRT: Maximum Riding time, EPT: earliest pick-up time, DPT: Due pick-up time, MWT: Maximum Walking Time or distance.

We generated 24 instance set for the School Bus Routing Problem (Table 2). Where NS: Number of School, SS: Surroundings of Service, PS: Problem scope, F: Fleet mix. The urban means routes inside the city, rural means routes outside the city, morning means 7:00-9:00, afternoon means 13:00-16:00, both means morning and afternoon, homogeneous fleet is the vehicle capacity equal in all the fleet, heterogeneous is the vehicle capacity different in all the fleet.

We plan to continuously extend the library with characteristics similar to the ones already presented. The extension depends on the progress made in the development of (meta) heuristic and exact procedures to the School Bus Routing Problem.


The author UAEMOR-PTC-231 would like to thank the support to SEP-PROMEP (Mexico) through grant PROMEP/103.5/10/4453.

This site is under construction. The instances will be downloading.

Table 2. SBRP instances sets.
 S1  1 Urban  Morning Homogeneous 50
 S2  1 Urban Morning Heterogeneous  50
 S3  1  Urban Afternoon  Homogeneous 50
 S4  1  Urban  Afternoon  Heterogeneous  50
 S5  1  Urban  Both  Homogeneous  50
 S6  1  Urban  Both  Heterogeneous  50
 S7  1  Rural  Morning  Homogeneous  50
 S8  1 Rural  Morning  Heterogeneous  50
 S9  1  Rural  Afternoon  Homogeneous  50
 S10  1  Rural  Afternoon  Heterogeneous  50
 S11  1  Rural Both  Homogeneous  50
 S12  1 Rural  Both  Heterogeneous  50
 M1  2-700  Urban Morning  Homogeneous  50
 M2 2-700 Urban Morning  Heterogeneous 50
 M3  2-700  Urban  Afternoon  Homogeneous  50
 M4  2-700  Urban  Afternoon  Heterogeneous  50
 M5  2-700  Urban  Both  Homogeneous  50
 M6  2-700  Urban  Both  Heterogeneous  50
 M7  2-700 Rural Morning  Homogeneous  50
 M8  2-700  Rural  Morning  Heterogeneous  50
 M9  2-700  Rural Afternoon  Homogeneous  50
 M10  2-700  Rural Afternoon  Heterogeneous  50
 M11  2-700  Rural Both  Homogeneous  50
 M12  2-700  Rural  Both  Heterogeneous  50
 UAEM1  1 Urban  Morning  Homogeneous 1
 UAEM2  1  Urban  Afternoon  Homogeneous 1


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