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International Journal of Combinatorial Optimization Problems and Informatics

IJCOPI is an international scientific electronic journal which publishes papers form all areas related to Informatics and the Combinatorial Optimization Problems.

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1.-Verify the contain of the book.
2.-Upload your finished or proof of your book to the EDITADA system.
3.-Determine what format you like to publish the book: print-on-demand(hardcover or softcover) and/or ebook. Ebook is essentially an electronic file and requires no paper printing but count with ISBN. Print-on-demand is ideal for very short runs (25 to 500 copies).
4.-Select additional services as editing layout, design of covers, correct grammar errors, verify plagiarism.
5.-You receive an e-mail with the information of the payment
6.-You obtain a book with an ISBN number, the opportunity to have your book onto Amazon´s Kindle E-book reader and others for researchers and students.
7.-The book will be appears as available into EDITADA web page to print-on-demand. Print-on-demand is ideal for very short runs (25 to 500 copies).

Please send a e-mail (accounts at editada . org) with some information to receive a propose of cost.