Contact Information:

Dr. Jorge A. Ruiz-Vanoye, Full Time Research Professor, México and National Research Level I (SNI 1).

E-mail: jorge at ruizvanoye dot com
Phone: SKYPE-ME.


Research Interests:

Algorithmic Finance, Algorithmic portfolio management, Applications and Theory of Algorithms, Bio-inspired Algorithms, Combinatorial Optimization Problems, Compilers, Computational Intelligence, Computational Complexity Theory, Computational Financial Intelligence, Complexity of Algorithms,
Complexity of Instances, Computational Statistics, Computer Networks, Computer Science Security, Cybercrimes, Data-mining, Education, Evolutionary Computation, Heuristic Optimization Techniques in Bioinformatics, Hybrid evolutionary algorithms, Hybrid optimisation algorithms,  Machine learning,  Meta-heuristics, Operations Research, Operations Management, Parallel & Distributed Computing, Production Planning and Logistics Optimization, Project Scheduling Problems, Software Engineering, Transgenic Algorithms.