Contact Information:

Dr. Jorge A. Ruiz-Vanoye, Full Time Research Professor, México and National Research Level I (SNI 1).

E-mail: jorge at ruizvanoye dot com
Phone: SKYPE-ME.

Research Interests:

Smart Cities, Smart Water, Smart Education, Smart government, Smart Healthcare, Smart Farming, Smart Energy, Smart Sports, Smart Food, Smart Tourism, Algorithmic Finance, Algorithmic portfolio management, Applications and Theory of Algorithms, Bio-inspired Algorithms, Combinatorial Optimization Problems, Compilers, Computational Intelligence, Computational Complexity Theory, Computational Financial Intelligence, Complexity of Algorithms,
Complexity of Instances, Computational Statistics, Computer Networks, Computer Science Security, Cybercrimes, Data-mining, Education, Evolutionary Computation, Heuristic Optimization Techniques in Bioinformatics, Hybrid evolutionary algorithms, Hybrid optimisation algorithms,  Machine learning,  Meta-heuristics, Operations Research, Operations Management, Parallel & Distributed Computing, Production Planning and Logistics Optimization, Project Scheduling Problems, Software Engineering, Transgenic Algorithms.